May 28, 2024

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Bajaj Auto’s New Brand Urbanite launches Electric Scooter In March

Bajaj Auto

Electric Vehicles (EV) growing rapidly for private and as well as for commercial uses. EVs manufacturing can be seen in small to big companies as it has the unique features which are not only saving our environment to be polluted but also saving our money which we spend some extra bugs on fuels. Bajaj Auto India’s leading automobile company to launch its new brand this year.

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Bajaj Auto Is Having Leadership In 20 Overseas Markets

The company is having leadership in 20 overseas markets out of which 70% share in Bangladesh and 50 in Nepal and Srilanka and taking a step forward in India too. “We are also a company which, we would like to be a little more successful in the domestic market than we have been so far in the motorcycles market,” said Bajaj.

In India, he further said, “We have only 20-21 percent share. We think now the time has also come that after having done a good job overseas, after having a hugely dominant position in India in three-wheelers, it is about time we make the same impact in the domestic motorcycle segment in India as we have done across the world.”

Bajaj Auto New Brand To Urbanite To Launch Electric Scooter As First Brand Product

As many two-wheelers companies are planning to move their market into electric. The two-wheelers makers such as TVS, Pulsar, Avengers making a move in the EVs market. The Bajaj Auto is known as the leader of the Automobile Industry To Launch Electric Vehicles.

“Urbanite” Solely Dedicated To Manufacture The Electric Vehicles

Bajaj, a Pune based company with its new brand name “Urbanite” is solely dedicated to the manufacture of the EVs. The brand will launch this year with its first product that will be an electric scooter revealed by Rajiv Bajaj, CEO, Bajaj Motorcycles.

The Director of Bajaj Auto, Rakesh Sharma Says

The Director of Bajaj Auto, Rakesh Sharma said that the set up will start in 6-9 months. In the starting, it will be present in a small way and later will be developed. The Electric Quadricycle Quote Officially launches in India Around March.

It Will Launch Electric Version Of Qute

Bajaj’s New Brand Urbanite Brand To launch Electric Scooter In March. Apart from electric two-wheelers, it will also launch some new electric three-wheelers and an electric version of Qute.


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