July 23, 2024

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Bajaj Auto To Launch Electric Vehicles Next Year

Bajaj Auto To Launch Electric Vehicles

As Electric Vehicles growing in India, smaller to bigger companies are going for electric vehicles. As TVS, Pulsar, Avengers making a move in the electric vehicles market. Bajaj Auto, Leader Of Automobile Industry To Launch Electric Vehicles Next Year.

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Bajaj Auto To Launch Electric Vehicles

Bajaj Auto, a Pune based company getting into Electric Vehicles (EV) next year with their Qute Electric Quadricycle. The company is planning to launch an electric version of quadricycle Qute, electric scooter and electric three-wheelers in 2020.

Bajaj Auto To Get KTM-owned ‘Husqvarna’ Motorcycle Brand In Indian Market

Bajaj’s new identity ‘The World’s Favourite Indian’ which gives a meaning for its leadership in the motorcycle market. The company will also get the KTM-owned ‘Husqvarna’ motorcycle brand in the Indian market in this year.

Bajaj Auto Says About Launch Of Electric Vehicles

Bajaj said, “Electric Qute and electric three-wheelers are very much on our agenda…In line with BS-VI, which comes into force from April next year, just as we make our petrol and diesel vehicles compliant with BS-VI, it is our objective to also introduce electric vehicles in terms of Qute and three-wheelers.”

“If you expect an electric scooter will appear on the stage that is not going to happen today. But it will happen soon,” about the electric two-wheeler.

The Company Exported Electric Electric Quadricycle Quote To 20 Countries

“when you are dealing with new technology, everything is not certain,” stressed on the company’s involvement in EV he commented “This we need to do not only for India but for many of our other markets as well. The problem of pollution and congestion and the need for EVs shared and connected mobility is there, too.”

It has already exported quote to 20 countries but because of some hurdles, it was not able to launch it in India.

The Electric Quadricycle Quote Officially launches in India Around March

The quote will officially launch in India around March said Bajaj Auto Executive Director Rakesh Sharma.

Bajaj Auto Is Having Leadership In 20 Overseas Markets

The company is having leadership in 20 overseas markets out of which 70% share in Bangladesh and 50 in Nepal and Srilanka and taking a step forward in India too. “We are also a company which, we would like to be a little more successful in the domestic market than we have been so far in the motorcycles market,” he said.

In India, he further said: “We have only 20-21 percent share. We think now the time has also come that after having done a good job overseas, after having a hugely dominant position in India in three-wheelers, it is about time we make the same impact in the domestic motorcycle segment in India as we have done across the world.”

Bajaj Auto Increased 6-7% Of Market Share In The Domestic Motorcycle Market Double Than The Yamaha Bike

According to SIAM data, during the past 9 months, Bajaj is has increased t0 6-7% of market share in the domestic motorcycle market. Its doubled when compared with Yamaha’s bike in their 35 years of service.

“Last year, if we had asked ourselves, if we could add market share equal to that of TVS, double of Yamaha and almost half of HMSI in just nine months, it could have sounded frightening,” he said.


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