June 15, 2024

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AUTO i CARE and Kick-EV to deploy 6000 charging stations on Indian highways by FY24

AUTO i CARE and Kick-EV to deploy 6000 charging stations on Indian highways by FY24

As the station prepares to release its KICK-EV 2W, it will initially service its KICK-EV 2W and later service other EV2W brands.

Along with India’s leading roadside assistance provider, AUTO i CARE, KICK-EV is a nationwide operator of automated electric vehicle charging and service stations on Indian highways. The planning process has begun and will be completed by the end of FY24. This is in preparation for the launch of the KICK-EV 2-wheel variant.

The servicing and charging station will initially benefit KICK EV two-wheeler and then adapt to the EV two-wheeler world by servicing various other EV two-wheeler brands in India. The goal is to install over 6,000 state-of-the-art charging and service stations across India, with around 1,000 starting in Maharashtra, Goa, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Karnataka in Phase 1. Maharashtra will have the highest number of electric vehicle power stations. It will be one of the largest semi-public EV charging networks in the country.




Sagar Joshi, founder, and CEO of AUTO I CARE and KICK-EV said: Also, as part of its positive growth, it will cover the entirety of India’s highways with semi-public charging points and fueling stations for electric vehicles, enabling smooth travel to different parts of the country. In addition to highways, other prime locations will be metropolitan centers, highway countryside, airports, residential and commercial establishments, hotels, and close to major roads. “

With the gradual rollout of EV charging stations and service stations, the company remains committed to adopting the latest technology and developing an EV power infrastructure. This will enable easy access to charging stations across the country.

“With the assistance of AUTO i CARE’s expertise, consumers can use mobile apps to find charging stations, facilitate payments, and much more,” he said.

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