June 13, 2024

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Ather Energy planned to build 2,500 EV charging stations.

Ather is a two wheeler electric vehicle company based in Karnataka. The business of Ather is thriving in the market. The company enjoys a positive image among its audience. As a result, the company plans to expand its EV charging stations.

Ather Energy plans to expand its EV charging stations, referred to as Ather Grid, in a collaboration with other EV makers. Recently, Ather Energy’s EV chargers were recognized by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Ather Energy is one of the most notable manufacturers of electric two wheelers, having sold 9,344 units last November.

Ather Energy presently offers 1,600 EV charging stations as part of the Ather grid. By March, 2024, the company expects to increase the number of EV charging stations to 2,500. Ravneet S Phokela, the chief business officer of Ather energy, has announced that the company will adopt charging connectors from other EV makers. Phokela, as quoted by news agency PTI, while EV makers also plan to increase that number of EV chargers to 2,500 by march that mean’s next year it also aims to double for 5,000 for next fiscal. Ather Energy’s EV chargers, which include both AC and DC motors with combined charging connectors, were recognized by the BIS in October. They have been approved for standard electric two wheelers as well as micro car and light weight electric vehicle.

Ather Energy offers electric scooters exclusively in India. It has only two models which are currently running in India they are 450S and 450X which are currently on the sale . By coming soon Ather will launch its third model which fastest electric vehicle that is 450Apex, Please stay tune for more information

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