June 14, 2024

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Customer reported Hero Electric Photon e-scooter caught fire         

Customer reported Hero Electric Photon e-scooter caught fire         

Among the best electric two-wheeler manufacturers, Hero Electric recently received a complaint regarding a serious problem with its Hero E-scooter. A significant role is being played by electric vehicles in the current developing world. Despite these positive developments, the industry is still faced with some issues that are sometimes difficult to resolve.

A Hero Electric Photon e-scooter owner, Vivek Hiralal Shukla, has reported an incident that occurred while he was riding the scooter. To inform the company of the details of the incident, he has written a complaint letter.

Vivek is a retired member of the Army, as stated in his letter. As the owner of a hero electric photon, he has been left in a state of shock and fear following an incident that occurred with him on 17-11-7023.

He states, “I was traveling between Wardha and Deoli on NH354 with my Hero Electric Photon. After traveling near Selsura village for a few kilometers, I discovered that my photon was making some strange sounds that it had never made before. In response to the strange sound, I stopped my Photon and exited from it after realizing there was something very wrong with it. Within seconds, a large amount of smoke began to emanate from the rear of the Photon. As soon as I turned on my Photon, it caught fire and started throwing flames all over. It was as if the battery had exploded. The daily bag pack that I carry to work was destroyed so quickly that I was unable to even take it with me. The bag was an American tourist bag and contained my mobile phone (one plus), Milton’s lunch box, and water bottle as well as several important documents. Approximately Rs35000 would be the total amount of this loss.”

He further stated that, as a result of this horrific incident, my family and I have been experiencing mental disturbances. It has been recommended to me by members of my family and close friends that I refrain from purchasing another electric vehicle in the future. It is possible that I could have lost my life if I had not been careful enough.

According to his words, he and his family are experiencing trauma as a result of this incident. It was a narrow escape for him, making the fear or trauma of this incident more intense since he is the sole breadwinner in the family.

A dealer has been contacted and the burned Photon has been delivered to the warehouse. Moreover, he has submitted to the dealer videos and photographs of the burning Photon. Based on both parties’ agreement, he seeks fair compensation for the cost of the vehicle, the loss of his possessions, and the mental trauma that he has experienced.

Furthermore, he indicated that he expects an investigation into the reason for the damage to his vehicle to be conducted as quickly and thoroughly as possible. In addition, he indicated that he would like a response within three days. It was also stated that if he did not receive a response, he would be forced to take further action.

source of informations : Rushlane



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