June 10, 2023

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ARAI develops chargers for electric vehicles

ARAI develops chargers

ARAI develops chargers for electric vehicles

The Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) has developed a charger for electric vehicles to boost the adoption of electric vehicles in India. The ARAI said that electric vehicle charging infrastructure is very important for the development of electric vehicles as the chargers are imported and the association will focus on developing these chargers at an affordable price. Read further to know more about ARAI develops chargers for electric vehicles

ARAI develops chargers

“Many components of EV like motors and controllers are imported and even chargers are being brought from abroad. ARAI has developed indigenous technology for EV charger AC001, which has been taken up for manufacturing and promotion by Bharat Electronics. “The charging points will be set up by Bharat Electronics and parts for EV charger systems- Type 1, Type 2, CCS and CHAdeMO will be manufactured locally,” said Mathai.

ARAI recently signed an MoU with Bharat Electronics Limited for EV chargers. As per the partnership, the ARAI will provide complete know-how of the charges and Bharat Electronics will manufacturer them. These chargers will cost from the range of ₹50,000-60,000. ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistant System) vehicles and cylinder testing centres need dedicated space and ARAI is setting up a new centre in Takwe.

Nitin Dhande, Senior Deputy Director ARAI said that the company plans to set up dedicated skill development centres for the engineering students in the electric vehicles space. ARAI is also in talks with the Telangana and Kerala governments to set up these centres.

Specialized electric vehicles courses launched by ARAI

Last year, the Automotive Research Association of India (Arai) Academy, Pune had started two specialised courses. As the Central government is encouraging the use of electric vehicles and several automobile manufacturing companies have already started and some are thinking to enter into the EV industry for that the demand for skilled engineers in the automotive engineering sector increasing.

ARAI sets up a new Centre of green mobility in Pune

The Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) has set up a centre of excellence of green mobility at Chakan in Pune with an investment of Rs 100 crore. The facility was set up in a record time of 18 months and is part of the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan of the Indian government.

Anand Deshpande, senior deputy director, ARAI, said that the ARAI can test, validate, certify and develop green powertrain solutions which also includes fuels including CNG, ethanol, methanol, biofuels, hydrogen and future fuel cells.

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