May 17, 2024

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A Powerful motor developed by Yamaha for Electric Cars

A Powerful motor developed by Yamaha for Electric Cars

Yamaha has introduced many electric bicycles into the market but they are purely concentrating on the important components of an electric vehicle like motors. Yamaha has patented many electric motorcycles and scooters but none of them came to market. In 2019 Yamaha released a motor for electric motorcycles and cars, A 35 kW (47 hp) to 150 kW (200 hp). Which was then used in a wide range of electric vehicles. Let us know more about the Powerful motor developed by Yamaha. 

Motors are like the heart of an Electric vehicle. Many types of motors are used in electric vehicles namely, the most used are the BLDC (Brushless DC) motors in two-Wheelers and PMSM (Permanent magnet Synchronous motor) motors in Four- Wheelers.

Yamaha Electric Motor
Yamaha’s New Prototype IPMSM Motor

A Powerful motor developed by Yamaha

Now, Yamaha has designed a prototype of an electric hypercar motor which is an IPMSM (Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous motor) with a 350 kW (469 hp) powered electric drive train that operates at 800v. Which is powerful than 95% of all cars and trucks which are already on road. Unlike other manufacturers, Yamaha has integrated all the mechanical and electrical components into one unit. The Motor, Gearbox, Electronic speed controller all packed in the same assembly. Yamaha says that this is the Industry’s highest class in output density. This new motor is oil-cooled.

Electric Car
AWD (All Wheel Drive) Concept

The main feature of this newly developed prototype is its compact construction. Yamaha plans to create an AWD (All Wheel Drive) electric car using this motor if this happens the power of the vehicle will be 1400 KW (1877 hp). If this happens then this will be the most powerful electric vehicle in the market and the problem arises in the power sourcing for this vehicle. Everyone is very curious in knowing how could Yamaha power up this vehicle? and what will be the size of the battery pack? We have to wait for it. Yamaha has begun accepting orders from manufacturers for its newly developed prototype motor.

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