June 14, 2024

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500 quick-charging stations for EVs

500 quick-charging stations for EVs

Tata Motors plans to set up a system of 500 open quick-charging stations for Electric Vehicles

Tata Motors is planning to set up these 500 open quick-charging stations for EVs in five urban areas in the following two years in association with Tata Power. It is doing this to address potential EV purchasers’ by keeping per-charge range and long charging time in view.

500 quick-charging stations for EVs

Initially, 300 out of 500 open quick-charging stations for EVs will be dropped before the end of this monetary, across key areas in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad, the Mumbai-based carmaker declared on Friday.

Shailesh Chandra, leader of the electric mobility business at Tata Motors said that “The best three obstructions to EV reception are price, range anxiety and (absence of) charging infrastructure. Without an ecological system set up, you can’t see demand in the market.” From a customer viewpoint, he adds, “they will realize that something has started getting in the movement now and they can consider purchasing electric vehicles.”

This is the main significant activity by a private company like Tata motors to accelerate the EV industry.

Four Electric Cars from Tata

Tata Motors administrator N Chandrasekaran had recently said the company, plans to launch four electric vehicles in the coming year and a half. These incorporate the electric variations of the Tigor, Nexon, upcoming hatchback Altroz, and another anonymous vehicle. The vehicles will have a scope of upwards of 200 km in a single charge. Up until this point, Tata Motors has sold Tigor EV solely to government and private armadas. These vehicles have a guaranteed scope of around 140 km for every charge.


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