December 10, 2023

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350 EV charging stations installed under FAME Scheme 

350 EV charging stations

350 EV charging stations installed under FAME Scheme 

Under the Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles (FAME) India Scheme 350 electric vehicle charging stations were installed. The charging stations are in cities including Chandigarh (48), Delhi (94), Jaipur (49), Ranchi (29), and Agra (10). Let us know more about 350 EV charging stations. 

The Minister of State for Heavy Industries Krishan Pal Gurjar said that under FAME India Scheme (Phase-I and II) when the time it has implemented in April 2015, a total of 3.61 lakh electric vehicles were incentivised to the tune of about Rs 600 crore till July 9, 2021. He further added that 2,877 EV charging stations amounting to Rs 500 crore across 68 cities in India.

As per the Minister, 862 electric buses have been deployed, amounting to the demand incentive of about Rs 492 crore as of June 30, 2021.

This phase focuses on supporting the electrification of public and shared transportation and aims to support, through subsidies, approximately 7,000 electric buses, 5,00,000 electric three-wheelers, 55,000 electric passenger cars and 10,00,000 electric two-wheelers. The charging infrastructure is also being supported to address the range and anxiety issues among electric vehicles users. 

As per the Gazette notification issued by the government, the incentive for electric two-wheelers has been increased to Rs 15,000 per kWh, up by Rs 5,000 per kWh from the earlier subsidy rate. Earlier the subsidy rate for electric two-wheelers was Rs 10,000/kWh and now it is Rs 15,000/kWh.

Recently, the Delhi government has announced that it has issued a tender to select vendors to set up charging stations for electric vehicles in places such as shopping malls, departmental stores, hospitals, theatres, multiplexes, residential areas.

This tender is different from tenders issued and work orders issued by the government to empanel vendors to set up 500 EV charging points across 100 public spaces locations. These charging stations are located mostly in bus depots and outside metro stations in the city.

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