June 14, 2024

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Vasavi Wheels- A Renowned EV Manufacturer

Vasavi Wheels

Electric Vehicles there with its unique features doing wonders to the environment aiming zero emissions using electric vehicles. It has taken an initiative to make the environment clean and green. Vasavi Wheels a renowned EV manufacturer.

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Vasavi Wheels
Vasavi Wheels

Vasavi Wheels

A Go green eco project, sponsored by Green Seva Foundation, supporting Swachh Bharat Mission Project. Green Seva Foundation, since 1994, working for Environmental Protection, Education, Social, Cultural, Health etc. It has designed its self-employed programmes as part of their services.

Vasavi Wheels
Vasavi Wheels

The EVs with its logo Go Green Eco Project manufactures affordable, quality PEVs (personal electric vehicles) for personal and commercial usage. The company designs the private, government, off-road vehicles as per the consumer’s usage. Vasavi Wheels from India caters eco-friendly market worldwide. It has given the solutions to the problem rising of high consumption of energy. It has made possible to deal with the problems with their new advanced PEVs supporting College Projects.

Specifications Of Othe Products

  • Supply and delivery of man and material handling battery operated two-wheelers with footrest as per the Annexure 27

  • Supply and delivery of self-contained onboard charger with lead for charging 48V, 3A suitable for 48V-24AH min, VRLA sealed lead acid type battery as per the Annexure 10
Vasavi Wheels
Vasavi Wheels

Some of the details of the product

  • RS. 45,000/-
  • GST – include
  • Discount – Free transport
  • Warranty – one year
  • Price Validity- 90 Days
Vasavi Wheels
Vasavi Wheels
  • Delivery Chargers Up to kalpakkam- Free
  • Delivery Period- 15days
  • Loading and Unloading – freeloading
  • Fluctuation- 90 days
  • Packing Chargers- Free

The company manufactures various EVs such as Loading Electric Rickshaw, Battery operated vehicle scooter, Battery operated electric bicycle, etc.

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