July 23, 2024

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Bengaluru As Electric Vehicle Capital Says KJ George

Bengaluru as Electric Vehicle Capital

Bengaluru as Electric Vehicle Capital. Large and Medium Scale Industries Minister of Karnataka, KJ George inaugurated Electric Vehicle (EV) summit on Wednesday.EVs growing rapidly every day all over the globe, with the growth of the EV there will be an eco-friendly atmosphere everywhere with less amount of emissions.

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Bengaluru as Electric Vehicle Capital

As Bengaluru is known for its IT (Tech Sevy) and is IT Capital of the country, as it is capital for IT KJ George wants that it should also become the EV capital too. Many Companies who manufactures EVs have come forward to invest Rs. 31,000 crore in the state. This investment can provide 55,000 employment opportunities.

120 Charging stations Developed By BESCOM In Bengaluru

He said, “Karnataka offers incentives to manufacture electric vehicles in the state, which has potential to attract investments worth Rs 31,000 crore in the sunrise sector, create over 55,000 direct jobs and provide opportunities for research and development (R&D) in electric mobility.”
To charge EVs 120 Charging stations are developed by BESCOM in Bengaluru said Principal secretary of the Department of Commerce & Industries Gaurav Gupta.

“We are also in discussion with the Urban Development Department to change building bylaws to reserve 10-30 percent of parking space for EVs. Besides, a mobile app is also being developed for the benefit of EV users, to know the nearest available charging station,” he added.

Karnataka First State In The Country To Have EV Policy

As Karnataka is the first State in the country to have EV policy that encourages the eco-friendly atmosphere by using EVs which have a unique feature of zero emission.

The summit was organized by the Indian Chamber of Commerce

The summit was organized by the Indian Chamber of Commerce with the help of Department of Commerce & Industries of the state government. The president of TECO Electric Company Limited from Taiwan George Lien said the company will invest $50 million (approximately Rs 356 crore) in Devanahalli for the development project of engines for EVs.

Bengaluru as Electric Vehicle Capital

George Lien, Teco Electric Company president, Taiwan will work with the Karnataka Government to bring in the technology for EVs. South Korean Weivio president Calvin Yi’s global firm signed the agreement with the Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) to set up a joint venture exchange technology between India and Korea.

South Korean Ambassador Shin Bong-Kil Says

South Korean Ambassador Shin Bong-Kil said, “We would like to help India in freeing its cities from air pollution from automobiles by encouraging Korean firms like Hyundai to make 300-km charging range EVs by this year-end in India.”

ICC Director-General Rajeev Singh Says

ICC Director-General Rajeev Singh said, “We plan to bring a delegation of EV and charging station makers from Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, which have a vibrant EV manufacturing ecosystem,” For generating EV jobs and to attack investments the apex body will work with both Central and State Government all over India.

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