April 11, 2024

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U.S Military Electric Vehicle| Reckless UTV | Nikola Motors

nikola motors

Electric Vehicles are not just using by gearheads but also IT companies, government sectors and now Military personnel. The U.S military using Reckless UTV, designed and manufactured by Nikola motors. Reckless UTV maximum range is 200 Miles.

This electric UTV is an inspiration to electric vehicles for sure. It’s a proud moment to all the EV owners around the world.

Reckless UTV features

Reckless UTV is waterproof, gives instant torque and offer a low center of gravity. Nikola motors have done something unique efforts in manufacturing this EV beast. 

nikola motors reckless utv

All in one Electric UTV

Capable of doing multiple operations like Prime mover, an autonomous weapon system, portable power supply, and reconnaissance.

nikola motors reckless utv specs
nikola motors reckless UTV

Nikola Motors-Reckless UTV Specifications

  • The maximum range of 241 km
  • 0-96 km in just 3.5 seconds
  • 555 horsepower.
  • 125 kWh Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
  • Regenerative braking system.

nikola motors reckless utv price

Reckless UTV Charging 

  • 3 hours using DC fast charger
  • 8 hours 240V TO J1772 CHARGER
  • 14 hours 110V TO J1772 CHARGER

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