May 17, 2024

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TVS launches the first EV in 2019-20


India’s third largest motorcycle company, TVS Motor, a multinational motorcycle company to launch its first EV in the FY 2019-20.

TVS launches the first EV in 2019-20

India will witness a tremendous growth of EVs in 2020 as most of the automakers have lined up their EVs to launch in 2020.

Indian two-wheeler manufacturer TVS is working to bring in its first EV. As we all know previously it had showcased an electric cruiser and an electric scooter.

TVS Creon performance electric scooter

TVS Creon which was showcased in an Auto Expo is a performance electric scooter with unique features such as fully digital speedometer, Bluetooth connection, GPS Navigation, and Geo Fencing.



 TVS Electric scooter specifications

If we look about the specifications it has three lithium-ion battery packs with 12 kW of power, acceleration from 0-60 km/hr in 5.1 seconds flat which is excellent compared to any scooter. It gives a range of about 80 km and charges up to 80% in 1 hour with a fast charger. 

Ultraviolette Automotive

Similarly Ultraviolette Automotive is developing a new performance electric bike with the power of 200-250cc, TVS has backed the startup with funding of Rs. 6 crores in August 2018. 

Ultraviolette Automotive launches e-bike F77 in India

The startup will launch its e-bike F77 in India at the end of the year. It was also seen once testing near its production house in Bengaluru.

e-bike F77 Specifications 

25 KW Maximum output. the electric motor in the position of the gearbox. It gives the acceleration 3.0 sec 0-60 KMPH and the motor has a torque output of 450 NM at the wheel.

e-bike F77 is likely to launch in 2019, many launches are waiting for the year-end to launch their innovations to contribute to the eco-mobility.  


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