April 11, 2024

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Transparent panels for Ather 450X will be brought back by Ather Energy

Transparent panels for Ather 450X will be brought back by Ather Energy

Founder and CEO of Ather Energy, Tarun Mehta, announced that transparent panels would be returning to the Ather 450X electric scooter. Previously, the Ather 450X was available as a Collector’s Edition model that featured translucent panels and a distinctive paint scheme. Nevertheless, the co-founder notes that this time, transparent panels will be used. At this time, it has not been confirmed whether the 450S will be equipped with transparent panels.

Originally introduced in 2020, the Collector’s Edition was aimed at early adopters. Finished in black, the body of the device was made of high-gloss metallic materials. In addition to the red accents, there was a racing stripe on the front apron that Ather said was inspired by motorsports. It was decided to decal the wheels in red and leave the red frame exposed. High-quality automotive-grade plastic was used to make the translucent panels. A custom user interface is also included in the instrument cluster.

Currently, the 450X is available in six colors – Cosmic Black, Salt Green, Space Grey, Still White, True Red, and Lunar Grey. As for 450$, it will also be available in the same color schemes except for True Red and Lunar Grey, which will only be available on the 450X.

An international retail outlet for the manufacturer was recently opened in Nepal. Several homegrown two-wheeler manufacturers are aiming to expand their retail presence in their neighboring countries. The startup intends to open its second experience center in the same city within the next couple of weeks after opening its first outlet in Kathmandu. Nepal will initially be the country’s first retailer of Ather’s flagship electric scooter, the 450X.

Vaidya Energy and Ather Energy have partnered to open their first retail store in Nepal. In response to the brand’s announcement last month that it would be entering the country, a retail outlet has been opened. The Ather 450X electric scooter has been received with a phenomenal response from customers throughout Kathmandu, according to Ather Energy. An attempt is being made by Ather to boost its sales in the country by opening a second retail outlet within a month.

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