May 17, 2024

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The West Bengal government will use only electric vehicles

The West Bengal government will use only electric vehicles

All administrative functions will be handled by EVs to reduce pollution from automobile fuel emissions


The West Bengal government has decided to only use electric vehicles for all administrative functions in order to combat rising pollution levels in the state caused by automobile fuel emissions.

It has been announced by the state transportation department that even the vehicles rented by the administration will be electric vehicles only.

The Ministry has also given preliminary estimates of costs incurred in this area. For the first 100 km, the state government will bear the monthly car rental cost of Rs 46,000 from private agencies from where they will rent the car. After 100 km, the fare will be Rs 8 for each additional km.



It has been informed that the administration will also have the ability to hire petrol-powered or diesel-powered vehicles in an emergency. If you want to do that, you will need to get permission from the Department of Finance in your state ahead of time.

According to one of the senior Finance Department officials, it is evident that transitioning to the new system will bring with it additional costs, which will place an additional burden on the state exchequer. It is necessary to take these steps in order to prevent the rising air pollution caused by automobile fuel emissions, especially those from diesel-powered vehicles. 

Environmental activists in the state have praised the decision, and they claim it is a step in the right direction, and has been welcomed by environmental activists in the state. Although the private transport associations feel that the initiative is welcome and believes that it will be successful on the long run, they are unsure how far the initiative will succeed if there is no proper infrastructure in place to support it over the long run.


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