December 04, 2020

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Tesla installs 20,000 charging stations worldwide 

Tesla installs 20,000 charging

Tesla installs 20,000 charging stations worldwide 

Tesla has made an announcement that its Supercharger network of charging stations for electric vehicles has installed 20,000 units worldwide. It plans to expand its network of charging stations it has announced many times but has failed to implement in specified time due to the launch of the new generation Supercharger technology-Supercharger V3 expert says.

Tesla installs 20,000 charging

Last year the company had announced the V3 Supercharger charging station since then it has increased its deployment of the Tesla Supercharger network. By end of the last year, Tesla had over 15,000 charging stations in 1,716 locations worldwide. About 2,500 charging stations have been installed in a little time.

Recently Tesla’s Model 3 has become the first electric vehicle to be eligible for use in the New York yellow cab fleet after being approved by the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC). Model 3 yellow cabs have started running on roads of the Big Apple City making it New York’s yellow cab fleet of more than 13,000 taxis electrification.

Electric vehicles for taxis is not very common but the move of Tesla bringing its electric sedan to taxi fleet is catching up the trend.

Tesla unveiled ‘tabless’ battery cells for range improvement

Tesla’s EVs are particularly popular with taxi services in European markets such as the Netherlands. Over 100 Tesla vehicles have been operating as taxis out of the Amsterdam airport since 2014.

Model 3 sedans meet the requirements for the New York yellow cab service as they have ample interior space, air conditioning for rear-seat passengers, easy-to-clean seats, enough cabin space to install the clear partition that separates the driver from passengers in the backseat. And, even the shortest-range Model 3 has a range of at least 220 miles per charge.

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