October 03, 2023

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Tata Nexon EV Facelift Introduced in MR and LR Variants

Tata Nexon EV Facelift Introduced in MR and LR Variants

Details of the Stylish Avatar of the Tata Nexon EV Facelift

Tata.ev has relaunched its iconic Nexon EV as the game-changer Tata Nexon EV Facelift 2023, launched in 2017. The company has given it a more attractive look and performance. Better to recommend the Nexon EV model. This car can be ordered online from September 9 for Rs 21,000 and commercially launched from September 14. The new Nexon comes in two variants Long Range and Mid Range in six different interesting colors. Explaining the new Nexon, Martin Uhlarik, head of global design at Tata Motors, said that making it look like the first was a design change. Tata has worked hard in every way to make the Nexon more user-friendly.

Tata Nexon EV Facelift with Stylish Design

Tata has provided full LED front and rear lights, making it look like a next-gen product. The bottom half of the car is a fully functional SUV with 4 meters of legroom. The cabin offers a sportier look with a sloping roofline and floating C-pillars. The front end stands out with a new front bumper that is more aerodynamic.

The improved DRL light is more functional and now shows the charging status, and welcome, and goodbye sequence in different color modes. The iconic X-shaped rear end gives the Nexon a unique look on the road. Hidden rear wipers, digital instrument panels, smart digital steering wheel, and R16 alloy wheels together give the Nexon EV an impressive appearance.

Tata continues with PMSM with a new Gen II engine. It weighs 20 kg more than the previous version and offers smaller space. The engine is less dependent on rare earths, now reduced by 30%. Nexon now features 4-stage efficient liquid cooling and intelligent low-voltage battery charge management. Nexon is the first car in the country to use iVBAC (battery cooling analysis) which improves the operating range by 2-3%. The company also claims that its Nexon EV has tires with the lowest rolling resistance of any car in the country. The company built the wheels to minimize aerodynamic losses. Thanks to the wheel blinds and wheel liner, drag is reduced by 13 points, which improves range by 2%. Nexon-designed LEDs reduce electrical loads by up to 30%. Regenerative braking is made 10-15% more efficient than previous models. The company claims that with improved technology, the overall range is improved by 7% in real life.

Power, Range, and Battery Pack 

Nexon EV can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 8.9 seconds and has a top speed of 150 km/h. The car has 3 driving modes: Eco, City, and Sport. The engine can reach 16,000 rpm compared to 12,000 rpm in the previous version. It develops 106.4 kW of power and delivers 2,500 Nm of torque at the wheel. Flat torque is delivered over a wide speed range up to 750 rpm. The occupants of this relaunched Nexon EV experience less noise, vibration, and belting (NVH). Nexon electric vehicles can be used to charge other vehicles (V2V) and can be used to power other electrical loads (V2L).

The Nexon comes in two variants: the Long Range with a 40.5 kWh battery capacity providing a range of 465 km and the Medium Range with a 30 kWh battery capacity providing a range of 325 km on the ARAI cycle. The battery used in the Nexon is an LFP-based battery that can withstand high thermal stress and liquid cooling technology is provided. Tata Nexon has also used its ZIP Tron powertrain technology in this version. The charging speed comes to 7.2 kW for both variants. With DC fast charging, 10-90% will be charged in 56 minutes.

Specifications & Safety Features

An immersive audiovisual experience is provided by a 31.24 cm cinema touchscreen, a JBL 360° 3D sound system, wireless charging, OTA updates, and integrated maps for a safe, intuitive, and rich driving experience. The vehicle features extremely comfortable leather seats with ventilation as well as a voice-activated power sunroof. Furthermore, the Nexon EV’s design and production are more location-dependent.

Active, passive, and high-voltage safety concerns have all been addressed by the company. In addition to 360° camera views, front parking assist, and blind view mirrors, everything is surrounded by 360° cameras. Each occupant in the car is provided with 6 airbags and a seatbelt reminder. Both variants feature the SOS emergency call feature as standard. Nexon EV features a hill ascent, hill descent control, auto hold, and all-disc brakes with i-TPMS. IP67 safety protection is provided for the high-voltage system.

Booking & Delivery

Nexon EV is available for booking online from the 9th of September for Rs. 21000 and is scheduled to launch on the 14th of September. On the other hand, the company did not reveal the price at the launching event where the device was launched.

source of information and photos: Electric Vehicle Info & Tata Motors

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