May 19, 2024

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Tacita T-Cruise Electric Motorcycle-The Silent Killer

ELECTRIC Motorcycle

Tacita T-Cruise Electric Motorcycle

T- Cruise is a complete Italian made electric motorcycle. Tacita means silence.T-Cruise is a complete electric enduro motorcycle, which would be able to compete with traditional motorcycle combustion engines, giving sensations of pure riding. Tacita automakers are seriously building electric motorcycles since 2011.

Tacita T-Cruise electric motorcycle Specifications

Tacita T-Cruise electric motorcycle range

  • Long range battery 270 Km, 27kWh
  • Standard battery 149 Km,15kWh
  • City battery range of 81 Km,7kWh

Tacita T-Cruise electric motorcycle Charging time

  • Fast charge type 2 -40 minutes.
  • Fast charge lev 3-40 minutes.
  • Fast charge lev 2 -7 Hours.
  • Fast charge lev 1 -13 Hours.

Maximum power– 30 kW (41 hp)

Regenerative Breaking system for energy savings.

Tacita T-Cruise electric motorcycle features

electric motorcycle T cruise

One of the major features of many electric bikes nowadays is the regenerative braking system.T- Cruise also having the feature, Automatically activated at low charge, reducing performance to reach the nearest charging point.

Electric bikes also having motors, they also heated depends on the usage of motor usage. To control the heat release from the motorcycle coolers are needed, Liquid-type with circuits for motor and controller are used in T- Cruise electric bike.

Battery Life of Tacita T-Cruise

electric motorcycle T cruise

What can we do with an electric gadget without charging?

Without battery performance in electric vehicles, there is no use in buying them. Tacita T-Cruise battery gives a decent performance. Tacita following battery safety measures very strictly, the total voltage of batteries is less than 120 V.

  • The battery cycle life of Long-range variant is 540 km, Battery Warranty: 5 years
  • The battery cycle life of standard variant is 298 km, Battery Warranty: 5 years
  • The battery cycle life of City variant is 162 km, Battery Warranty: 5 years

Tacita T-Cruise price

The price of Tacita T-Cruise Long-range variant is $24,999.

The price of Tacita T-Cruise standard variant is $14,999.

The price of Tacita T-Cruise City variant is $10,999.

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