June 24, 2024

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Switch Mobility’s new last-mile & mid-mile IeV Series

Switch Mobility’s new last-mile & mid-mile IeV Series

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SWITCH Mobility Ltd. (SWITCH), a Hinduja company that designs and manufactures eco-friendly electric buses and light commercial vehicles, unveiled its all-new IeV series at Auto Expo 2023. According to Switch Mobility CEO Mahesh Babu, they will witness the Twins in just a few days. They will launch their all-new products on September 7th, 2023. SWITCH will address India’s growing mobility requirements through intelligent, electric vehicles.

A few weeks ago, the company announced its launch date via its social media account, and again today, its CEO reminded customers about the launch.

On the occasion of Auto Expo 2023, SWITCH Mobility Executive Chairman Dheeraj Hinduja said, “Since SWITCH’s formation, the company has grown significantly, and as a member of the company, he was delighted with the progress and positive response it has received in such a short period of time in an extremely competitive market.”

In line with the company’s global strategy, SWITCH will expand into new regions in order to continue to excite the electric commercial vehicle [CV] market with innovative and intelligent offerings. In addition, he said they are proud to be part of an industry that helps communities in varying geographies reduce their carbon footprint and look forward to stronger momentum through their products at Auto Expo 2023.

According to Mahesh Babu, Chief Executive Officer of SWITCH Mobility Ltd., there is increased demand for sustainable mobility solutions for last-mile and mid-mile transportation. With cutting-edge technology, SWITCH provides unrivaled product choices on a global scale, establishing a brand in the electric vehicle industry.

With the launch of their all-new SWITCH IeV series at Auto Expo 2023, the company will embark on a new chapter of transforming last-mile and mid-mile transportation needs in India. Various payloads are available with this IeV series, delivering a superior customer value proposition. They will continue to develop sustainable products, services, and solutions to meet our customers’ growing needs.

Connected, electric vehicles are built on proven, robust modular platforms, with proprietary technology solutions such as SWITCH iON, enabling remote, real-time diagnosis and monitoring. In addition to its best-in-class payload-to-GVW ratio, the SWITCH IeV series offers fast turnaround times, best-in-class cargo space, and exceptional reliability, all at a competitive total cost of ownership.

SWITCH is committed to supporting cleaner, safer, more comfortable, and more efficient mobility with its market-leading product lines and technology.




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