May 28, 2023

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Smart ways to protect your Electric vehicles and Ev batteries.

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As we all know Nowadays most Electric vehicles and EV batteries were catching fire and a few incidents took place in south India. Till now there is no specific reason behind the incidents here manufacturers started investigating the reason behind incidents.

In the meanwhile, pure EV has revealed a set of guidelines to protect your Electric vehicle and EV batteries. when you charge your EV Battery at home follow the below guidelines.

After multiple EV battery fire incidents, Pure EV India shares a ‘battery health tip’ saying ‘do not leave the battery on charging overnight or unattended for long hours.’ Pure EV earlier issued a statement deeply regretting the incident and stating that it is cooperating with local authorities and seeking details from the user. A series of such incidents in the country has created concern over the safety of batteries.


Proper charging instructions.


It is recommended to only use the charger provided by the company for charging the batteries.
Ensure the location for charging the battery must be dry, clean, safe, and dustproof.
Connect input mains supply plug to the 230V/50hz supply wall socket with proper grounding.
Make sure the earthing is connected.
Ensure proper connection of the charger output cable with connector (DC Output) to the battery.
Unplug or turn the charger off before attaching or removing the clamp connections.


Do not charge the battery immediately after a long ride. Wait for 45 mins before charging the battery.
Do not charge the battery for more than 5 hrs.
Do not leave the battery on charging overnight or unattended for long hours.
Do not attempt to recharge the battery gone into deep discharge mode or damaged battery.
Do not charge the battery in a congested setup like under a bed/sofa, ensure proper ventilation with at least breathing space of 10 cm from a wall or any other object while charging.
Do not place the charger on the battery.

Battery storage precautions.


Battery should be stored away from any heat source or direct sunlight, in a well-ventilated, dry, and dust-free environment.
Keep all flammable materials away from the storage area
In case of long-term storage, remove the battery from the vehicle and store it away from any heat source or direct sunlight, in a well-ventilated, dry, and dust-free room.
In case of long-term storage, store the batteries at 40% state of charge (SOC).
Charge the battery at least once a month when not in regular use.


Do Not place any object on the battery.
Do not let water penetrate the packaging boxes during their storage and transportation.
Do not store in places with high humidity.
Do not expose the battery to condensation, rain, or frozen condition.


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