June 12, 2024

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Sin if you don’t Drive this Electric Car Biomega

Sin Biomega electric car

The title may look awkward, but the article makes some sense. Biomega is famously known for bicycle manufacturing in Denmark, but recently the company introduced a new electric car and the features of the car is mind-blowing, missing the driving opportunity of the car is a SIN.

Last year the Dutch bicycle manufacturer Biomega launched its first electric bike. This month, it introduced its new SIN 4-passenger electric car in Singapore.The electric car name is taken from the first three letters of Singapore city. The electric car looks similar to NIO EVE because of its semi-transparent exterior.

Sin Biomega electric car

Sin is designed with 4 independent engines and 4 independent seats with extra legroom. The heart of any electric car is the battery, Biomega electric car got swapping battery technology allowing the battery to be replaced on the move.
The car is having advanced features, but it is still outdated in the battery pack, the battery pack itself weighs 200 kg which is 20% of the kerb weight.

Sin Biomega Specifications

  • Maximum power – 60 kW
  • Power : 82 hp
  • Maximum torque : 160 Nm
  • Acceleration 0 – 100 km/h: 13 s
  • Top Speed of 130 km/h
  • Maximum range – 160 km
  • Battery capacity : 20 kWh (14 + 6 kWh removable)
  • Battery weight: 200 kg
  • Battery weight : 10kg / kWh
  • Power consumption: 11 kWh / 100 km
  • Kerb weight: 950kg

Biomega SIN electric car is expected to launch in between 2021 & 2023.

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