June 22, 2024

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‘See-through’ electric motorcycle face revealed by Raptee Energy

‘See-through’ electric motorcycle face revealed by Raptee Energy

A thrilling riding experience awaits with Raptee Energy’s new 150 km range E-bike

The first transparent look of Raptee Energy’s electric motorcycle was unveiled at the Global Investors Meet, which was held in Tamil Nadu on the 7th & 8th of January. M K Stalin, chief minister of Tamil Nadu, inaugurated the Global Investors Meet. The high-voltage drivetrain and cutting-edge technology of the electric motorcycle, scheduled for launch in April 2024, promise a thrilling ride for riders.

Featuring an impressive 150-kilometer real-world range and a top speed of 135 kilometers per hour, Raptee’s electric motorcycle is powerful and efficient. Unlike other electric vehicles, the CCS2 can be recharged at any CCS2 charging station, which takes just 45 minutes to reach 80% capacity or 40 kilometers in only 15 minutes. Faster than its gasoline-powered counterparts, this vehicle accelerates from 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds. The streamlined silhouette of the Raptee does more than deliver stunning torque and consistent top speed. It also delivers a surprising level of performance in addition to its stunning looks. In April 2024, a full-scale launch is scheduled for the first production-ready model successfully delivered to R&D for testing and validation.

An investment of Rs 85 crore has already been made to set up the firm’s first factory in Chennai, covering 4 acres. With 470 employees for manufacturing and design innovation, including a dedicated battery pack assembly line, the facility, equipped with a cutting-edge R&D center, will produce up to 1 lakh units annually.

In his statement, Raptee Energy’s CEO and Co-founder Dinesh Arjun emphasized the significance of Raptee’s achievement, stating that there could not have been a better venue for the first-ever presentation of their motorcycles. As a result of the TN GIM, suppliers, and investors from around the world were attracted to the booth and there was an electric buzz around their booth. Having developed the entire stack in India, they were more than vehicle integrators. In addition to delivering outstanding torque and consistent top speed, the indigenous high-voltage engine also addresses the long-standing desire for reliable electric motorcycles. This two-wheeler will be the only one designed to be compatible with the rapidly growing public charging infrastructure of the CCS2.



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