May 19, 2024

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Pursang E-Street Electric Motorcycle Review

Pursang E-Street

Just 4 days after the launch of two electric vehicle modes from Pursangmotors in Milan Motorcycle Show, Pursang E-Street electric motorcycle pictures went viral.

Pursang E-Street Electric Motorcycle

E-STREET is the first model launched by Pursang. It is one of the reliable and efficient urban electric motorcycle designed with lightweight materials, easy and fun to ride on any road. You can pre-book this electric motorcycles through Pursang official website.

The electric motorbike offering good performance in urban areas. Its 18-inch wheels provide good traction for off-road skills. You can charge the motorcycle with a common home socket of 220 w.

The man behind E-STREET electric motorcycle birth, Jim Palau-Ribes stated “The rebirth of Pursang is something that has been in my mind for many years. I spent my youth crossing mountains, and I felt the need to make sustainable the mythical model that awoke the passion for motorcycles of an entire generation.”

Pursang E-Street Technical Specifications

  • 90 km range under Sport Riding Conditions
  • 120 km in an urban environment
  • Brushless ASHWOODS motor
  • Two second-generation TORROT
  • Removable batteries

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