April 20, 2024

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Voltu V1 Electric Motorcycle from VoltuMotor

Voltu V1 Electric Motorcycle from VoltuMotor

Voltu V1 electric motorcycle is an upcoming electric motorcycle from Voltu Motors. Recently, Voltu applied for a patent on its control system includes an electric motor and battery. The company is planning to launch Voltu V1 with unique technology.

About Voltu Motor

Voltu® Motor Inc. is a U.S based technology innovation corporation registered in the state of Delaware, headquartered in Sunnyvale California. The company focused on alternative energy resources and renewables with consumer and industrial applications.

Apart from the two teasers in 2014 and 2015 on youtube, there are no further updates about Voltu electric motorcycles. The company filed a patient application (16/015829) on the electric control system for an electric vehicle on June 22, 2018. Voltu is going to make an official statement very soon about the Volta V1 electric motorcycle launch and price details once the patient got approved.

Voltu V1 Electric Motorcycle

Voltu V1 is VoltuMotor’s first electric motorcycle, Voltu V1R is the successor model of Voltu Motor.

Voltu V1 Electric Motorcycle
Voltu V1 Electric Motorcycle

Initio® Digital Propulsion

Motu-X is the rolling test and developing platform for INITIO®. For the first time Initio® liquid cooled batteries and on-board bi-directional inverter fast charging system is implemented in the Voltu V1. The new technology helps in delivering high motor output horsepower and driving range.

INITIO® for Mobility Solutions

INITIO® is a drivetrain technology which integrates digital electronic control of the motor,liquid-cooled lithium polymer batteries and an advanced charge system. All Voltu powered electric vehicles and industrial applications are built around the Initio® system.

INITIO® Technology Applications suitable for

  • Transport vehicles-motorcycles, cars, bicycles, trucks and buses.
  • Recreational vehicles – UTV’s, nautical and aeronautic transport.
  • Industrial machines – air and hydro energy generation, robotics.

Specifications of Voltu V1 Electric Motorcycle

  • All electric 94 hp
  • Top speed of 160km/h
  • 0-100 KM/H in 3.8 seconds
  • Lithium Polymer Battery Pack
  • Average Range – 200km
  • Full charge in 3 hours(Home Socket)
  • Full charge in 1.5 Hours (Voltu charger)


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