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Power2Drive EV conference on business opportunities in EVs-Bangalore

Power2Drive EV conference

Get ready to attend a very exciting conference and know how you can start your own business in electric vehicles field. The power2Drive Conference will be held on 28th and 29th November 2019 at Bangalore International Exhibition Centre.

Power2Drive EV conference on business opportunities in EVs-Bangalore

The Power2Drive is an EV and e-mobility summit organised by the TheSmarterE, part of Intersolar, a global leader in solar and renewable energy conferences & exhibitions.

This two days conference will deliver practical and strategic insights on business opportunities along the entire EV value chain, from the motor sub-components to batteries to charging stations and emerging opportunities in the electric vehicles sector.

Power2Drive EV conference will have the following key themes

  • Battery & Battery Related Domains – Insights on the market trends for EV batteries
  • Electric Vehicles – Market inputs and strategic insights on the entire range of electric vehicles, from electric bicycles all the way to electric buses
  • Charging/Swapping Infrastructure – Experts will share detailed insights on the business case, business models, technologies and economics of the different types (AC/DC fast charging) of EV charging infrastructure

Power2Drive EV conference

  • Motors & Other Non-battery EV Components – Professional inputs on the evolving business opportunities in EV motors, motor controllers and other motor components

  • Corporate/Transport Fleets – For corporates and businesses keen on embedding electric vehicles as part of their fleets (buses, corporate cars…), the conference will provide inputs on business models, economics, in addition to a large number of professional contacts.

Some of the conference topics such as 

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer
  • Batteries
  • Charging and Swapping
  • Motors & other components
  • EV usage in fleet
  • Other support ecosystem

So, don’t miss the golden opportunity to start your own EV business.  

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