July 23, 2024

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Have you seen transformers movie? The cars in the movie are unreal but, the electric car you are looking at is real. It can transform into a bike and reform into a car in no time. The technology is insane in this electric vehicle. After seeing the below video you will love to ride this PODBIKE VELOMOBILE.

Podbike® velomobile is a concept electric vehicle for sustainable personal transportation with its four wheels, electric assist, and protection against the weather. It is more than a vehicle plays a vital part in the future.

Podbike Garage

Charging stations is the main challenge for any electric vehicle today, Podbike® garage unique concept helps to chare four bikes at a time. This concept helps to charge multiple bikes at a time, which reduce the waiting time.

podbike charging
Cycling and Riding

This electric vehicle can be cycled like a regular bike and with electric assist, you can travel at 25 km/h. In the future, this electric vehicle can charge by itself with the solar technology.

podbike image

Podbike Features

  • Beautiful Design
  • Comfort & Safety
  • Weather protection.
  • Rear end parking
  • Easy entry & exit

podbike full view

Book Your Podbike Today

Podbike is the unique solution to future mobility. If you want to ride this electric vehicle then pre-order this bike-> Click here

Podbike velomobile

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