August 05, 2020

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PM Narendra Modi 7C’s for Electric Vehicles in India

PM Narendra Modi

Build India as a driver in Electric Vehicles-PM Narendra Modi

In the Move India Summit, Honorable PM Narendra Modi’s speech on future of electric vehicles remains as a Stellar in the audience minds. He said “Mobility has been the key to the progress of humanity. The world is now in the middle of a new mobility revolution. Mobility is the key travel of the economy.

Creating a mobility ecosystem that is in sync with nature is the need of ours. Better mobility provides better jobs, smarter infrastructure and improves the quality of life. Mobility sector impacts larger public outcomes. Mobility is central to urbanization.

PM Narendra Modi 7C's
PM Narendra Modi 7C’s

PM Narendra Modi 7C’s Strategy for Future Mobility

During the Move India Summit, PM Narendra Modi announced that “Future of Mobility in India is based on 7C’s”.

  1. Common
  2. Connected
  3. Convenience
  4. Congestion free
  5. Charge
  6. Clean
  7. Cutting Edge

Below are the 7 points briefly described by our honorable prime minister in the Move India Summit:


Common Public transport is the cornerstone of our mobility. The electric vehicles focus must go beyond cars like scooters and rickshaws. Large segments of development depended on future mobility.


PM Narendra Modi
PM Narendra Modi 7C’s

Connectivity means integration of geographics as well as modes of transports. Private vehicle utilization must be improved. Village people should bring their products to cities with ease and efficiency.


PM Narendra Modi
PM Narendra Modi 7C’s

Convenient mobility means affordable and accessible for all sects of people in the society, which includes the elder and women. The public travel system should be preferred more.

Congestion Free

PM Narendra Modi 7C
PM Narendra Modi 7C’s

It is Critical to check the economic and environmental effects drop down. Should strive for congestion-free mobility.


PM Narendra Modi 7C's
PM Narendra Modi 7C’s

To Build India as a driver in Electric Vehicles. Indian space research organization builds energy efficient and cost effective batteries for electric cars. The central government soon put and place a stable policy regime around electric and alternative fuel vehicles. Policies are designed as a win-win for everyone and enable huge opportunities in the automotive sector.


PM Narendra Modi 7C's
PM Narendra Modi 7C’s

Clean mobility powered by clean energy is the most powerful weapon in our fight against climate change. A pollution free clean drive leading to clean air and a better living standard for our people, the idea of clean Kilometers, this could be achieved by biofuels like electric and soar power. Investment in our renewable energies. This is the commitment and promise to our future generation.

Cutting Edge

PM Narendra Modi 7C
PM Narendra Modi 7C’s

Mobility is like the internet in the early days, it is cutting edge as the next big innovation center. Young minds come with creative solutions. Enterprenutes should see mobility as a sector with immense opportunities for innovation. A sector where innovation can solve problems of public needs.

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