July 15, 2020

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Pakistan’s First Exocar

Pakistan's First Exocar

With the first EV policy introduced by the Pakistan cabinet, innovation in electric cars is essential to make that policy successful. Atta Rafiq, a man from Karachi, has made a Pakistan’s First Exocar. He made the car from scratch, after spending more than six months on it.  When compared to normal cars, these Exocars can be easily converted to electric power and hence save the environment and reduce dependence on oil imports.


Pakistan’s First Exocar

An Exocar is remarkably light-weight and is generally very fuel-efficient. Lighter cars need smaller engines. In this way, their prices also can be reduced to a great extent. Mr. Atta didn’t take any sort of help from the local automobile industry or the government in constructing this Exocar. But an American company will sponsor the design and construction of this Exocar in the future.

Pakistan's First Exocar
Pakistan’s First Exocar


This car is also called as an Exoskeleton car, as it has a visible frame made up of elements like carbon fiber, steel, or aluminum. Wheels are normally outside the main body frame and they are provided with mudguards. Four longitudinal tubes are dedicated for holding the entire chassis of the Exocar together.

When students like Atta make come up with such innovative things, the local auto manufacturers can help them to develop these technologies, which can be incorporated into the domestic auto sector.


If we adopt this light-weight technology in normal cars and even electric cars, we can make them lighter, fuel-efficient and cost-efficient. The government and the private sector can fund such useful projects which benefits the society to a greater extent by providing loans to such students who have innovative ideas that can be materialized. These Exocars can be easily converted to electric power and hence save the environment and reduce dependence on oil imports.


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