June 14, 2024

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One app for multiple EV charging networks

One app for multiple EV charging networks

Audi’s most effective solution for E-Tron customers, explains Ravikiran Annaswamy

Previously Audi India introduced their EV charging solution for its e-tron customers which is called “Charge my Audi” on the ‘myAudiConnect app.’ This app enables e-tron owners to access multiple EV charging networks through a single interface. The application currently includes five Charge Point Operators (CPO); Aargo EV Smart, Charge Zone, Relux Electric, LionCharge, and Zeon Charging, and is powered by Numocity Technologies’ eMSP roaming solution.

Numocity is a Bangalore-based charging management technology company. And now the managing director and CEO of Numocity, Mr. Ravikiran Annaswamy explains in an interview how their roaming solution for electric vehicle charging works.

First, he explained bringing different CPOs on a common platform and what role Numocity plays in this model. He said they are at a nascent stage with EV infrastructure. It is yet to be achieved nationwide coverage by CPOs, although they continue to expand coverage. Their roaming platform enables EV charging, roaming, and interconnecting. This gives EV users the flexibility to access charging stations outside their preferred CPOs. EV drivers can now access all participating CPO chargers through the mobile app of any CPO. This eliminates the need for multiple mobile apps and creates stickiness and loyalty to their preferred CPOs.

When it comes to what capabilities and conveniences end customers are offered as a result of this initiative, he says; “End customers no longer need multiple mobile apps and can discover all available chargers through one interface. One CPO mobile app allows them to track charger status and initiate charging sessions in real time, unlike aggregator apps. Payments are also available through the same mobile app. End customers get convenience and access to a large nationwide network.”

As a result of this initiative, the roaming platform enables CPOs to provide a compelling customer experience. The following business benefits are provided to them:

  • Provide a wide network of CPO partners. Geographically dispersed and noncompeting CPOs can help achieve this
  • Share the EV charging infrastructure already invested by other CPOs to make better use of it. It reduces charger idle time.
  • Additional revenue source
  • Create increased stickiness and brand awareness
  • Reach new EV drivers through CPOs

Several questions arise, including whether this solution will remain restricted to Audi e-Tron customers (which is not a large number) and whether other electric car owners might be able to benefit from it as well.

A roaming platform like Numocity serves several players on the market, according to him. This is the first implementation of a charging network by a car OEM, and it is just the beginning. It is expected that the platform will be expanded in the coming months by more players and CPOs. This will help address end customers’ range anxiety while also increasing the usage of existing charging infrastructure.”

Ravikiran has explained Numocity’s solution to the problem of discovery as well as providing a single payment platform across multiple CPOs. By connecting to multiple CPOs, Numocity’s roaming platform allows EV users to:

  • Discover all available chargers
  • Get availability through charger real-time status
  • Receive an invoice after the charging session
  • Make payments through the host CPO payment methods. Consumers no longer have to download multiple applications or re-register themselves every time they make a payment. Existing wallets can now be used across CPOs by end customers.

Last but not least, he discussed which protocols are used to enable this multi-party arrangement (OCPP/OCPI). As per Ravikiran’s statement, CPMS solutions utilize OCPP protocols to manage and interwork with EV chargers. This is an industry-accepted protocol. There are a few proprietary interfaces as well as the OCPI protocol that are used by the OCPI protocol to enable roaming and interconnecting in order to ensure smooth operations and experiences.



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