May 27, 2024

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Newest Electric Cars in New Zeland-MERCURY EVIE Vintage Car

vintage car Mercury evie

Bored of traveling in your old vintage car? These car makers from New Zeland invented a new electric car form the old EVIE’s vintage car. Making the electric vehicles in a wonderful new way with olden gold beauty.EVIE is a restored, refreshed, classic 1957 Ford Fairlane.

Watch the Greatest Escape Of Mercury EVIE

Two brave men have escaped one night with Evie. Watch the craziest video ever.


Mercury EVIE specifications

  • A range of 120Km with a full charge
  • Powered by 218 battery cells which give a capacity of 50kWh
  • Full charge in 2 hours with fast charge option
  • Car weight is 2.2 Tonnes.
  • Top speed of 65km.
vintage car Mercury evie
Vintage Car

Charge anywhere feature

Anytime, anyplace running out of fuel? Just insert the 3-pin plug in Mercury’s heart and fill it with an electric charge.

newest electric cars
Vintage Car

Best offers for EV fuel Package

It’s a well-known fact that electricity is cheaper than petrol and diesel. Mercury giving exciting offers at night times 9pm-7pm 20% off. Every plug-in vehicle owner is eligible.

newest electric cars

Watch the Making of EVIE Vintage Car

Evie is a 60-year-old car, but the reinvention of electric made it looks so young.SO have a look at Evie’s makeover.

No charge required. Watch the funny video below

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