July 15, 2024

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New Volvo EX 30 electric SUV launches for $34,950
New Volvo EX 30 electric SUV launches for $34,950

New Volvo EX 30 electric SUV launches for $34,950

There is no better SUV than the Volvo EX 30 electric vehicle

There are a number of electric vehicles available from Volvo, but the Volvo EX 30 is the smallest and least expensive. With its 3.6 seconds acceleration time, this electric SUV from Volvo can get you from 0 to 100 km/hour in just 3.6 seconds. This makes it one of the fastest in its class. The Swedish automaker debuted in the burgeoning small e-car industry with the Volvo EX30. This small SUV targets younger customers.


The price of the upcoming Volvo EX 30 starts from 36,000 pounds, which is 33, 795 Euros in Europe. There will be a showroom price of 34,950 dollars for the car in America, and it will be 36,145 dollars for delivery in that country as well. Indian currency prices this Volvo electric car at Rs 31.63 lakhs.

In the Range

There is a maximum distance that the Volvo EX 30 can cover, which is 286 miles. Furthermore, the car can run for up to 460 kilometers per charge according to the WLTP standards.

Motor Power

It has been equipped with a motor with a power rating of 422 hp, which is equivalent to 428 PS (or 315 kW) or more. One of the motors consists of 268 hp, which is equivalent to 272 PS / 200 kW, the capacity of which is 268 hp.

Charging time and battery life

Volvo’s battery-powered cars are equipped with lithium-ion phosphate batteries. Thanks to this battery, the Volvo EX 30 costs less than other electric SUVs of this type. The battery capacity is 69 kWh. NMC unit battery that improves electric vehicle charging time, performance, and cruising range.  The electric car battery can be charged from 10 – 80 % in 28 minutes.

A few other things

In terms of length, the Volve EX 30 measures 104 inches in length. The distance between the axles is 3 inches (2,650 mm). Moreover, the vehicle only measures 166.7 inches from bumper to bumper, which is only 4,233 mm in length.

The variants 

  • Base Plus Trim variant

The EX 30 has many great features such as 18″ wheels, a contrast-colored roof, adaptive cruise control with power steering, LED headlights, an electronic security system, and an 11kW charger. All of these features are available at the Base Plus trim level. 

  • Ultra Guise variant

The EX 30’s Ultra Guise variant offers enhanced range and performance. €3,500 is additional for this upgrade. Numerous additional features are available in this Volvo EX 30 variant. These features include a 360-degree camera with a 3D view, dark-tinted glass, a panoramic roof, a 22kW onboard charger, and power seats.  

Management wants to say

According to Jim Rowan, the CEO of Volvo, the new Volvo EX 30 is a city electric vehicle aimed at a younger demographic who can enjoy the fantastic technology of its excellent technology and make it the first Volvo for them.

Final Thoughts

In addition to the improvements that have been reported by the company, many other features will also be added as part of the EX 30, such as higher ground clearance. As for the motor of this electric car, it has a charging capacity of 153 kW, which is a high-power motor. It is expected that Volvo will launch the EX 30 by 2025 as a replacement for the current model.

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