April 11, 2024

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New Ultraviolette F99 Electric Race Bike debuts at EICMA 2023

New Ultraviolette F99 Electric Race Bike debuts at EICMA 2023

Narayan Subramaniam, the co-founder of Ultraviolette, says the F99 is built for “undiluted performance”

Ultraviolette Automotive, an electric two-wheeler start-up based in Bengaluru, made its European debut at EICMA 2023 by unveiling its most ambitious project yet – the Ultraviolette F99 race bike. It is important not to confuse the F99 with the motorcycle unveiled at Auto Expo 2023 (bearing the same name). Narayan Subramaniam, Ultraviolette co-founder, states that it is a fully-faired motorcycle designed to deliver “unadulterated and undiluted” performance and that it is considerably more powerful, more responsive, and faster than the firm’s inaugural road bike, the F77.

A highlight of EICMA was the F99’s slick tires, lack of mirrors, and no provision for a registration plate holder, which indicates that it is intended for track use only. Taking inspiration from fighter jets, it features large winglets as well as a signature Ultraviolette light signature incorporated into its headlight housing. There is a three-tone paint job on the bike, and the rear wheel is composed of discs. In addition to thin foam padding for the rider’s seat, a slim, centrally-mounted LED tail light (with stop lights incorporated into the rear winglets), and a more aggressive, tipped-forward riding position, the track-oriented F99’s rider triangle contrasts starkly with that of the F77’s. It is equipped with an upside-down fork and a monoshock for suspension duties.

One of the most significant features of the motorcycle is its liquid-cooled motor, which generates a peak power output of 120 horsepower (90 kW), which is a significant step up from the road-going F77. Compared to the F77, the F99 manages to clock a top speed of 265 kmph, making it the fastest electric two-wheeler from an Indian manufacturer so far, capable of sprinting from 0 to 100 kmph in just three seconds, nearly five seconds faster than its predecessor. The F99 offers several advantages over the F77, and this is aided in a great deal by the weight-saving measures employed, with its carbon fiber bodywork weighing just 178 kg, which is nearly 20 kg lighter than the F77’s base weight. Although there is no word as to the type of battery and cell chemistry used, it appears to be the same SRB10 pack (10.1 kWh) found on the F77, which offers similar performance.

On the F99, Ultraviolette has also included a package that enables active aerodynamics, which is another first for the company. In terms of the package, there are two main aspects, the first being an ‘air windshield’ that utilizes two ducts in the front cowl to provide air to a motor that compresses and releases it through vanes through a compressor. To reduce air drag over the rider’s helmet, the airflow is supposed to be smoothed out by a ‘barrier of high-velocity air molecules’. The second feature is the Air-Blade, an electronically-actuated side panel section that adapts to the lean angle achieved during cornering to generate a greater level of downforce.

The start-up has announced that it is planning to launch the F99 commercially across the globe by the year 2025. Although it remains to be seen whether Ultraviolette will continue to develop the F99 as a track-only project when it is fully ready, there is no doubt that the company could well be introducing a more road-ready iteration of the F99 as a natural expansion of its product line-up shortly. It has also been confirmed by Ultraviolette that the F77 will be launched in Europe during the second quarter of 2024.

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