June 23, 2024

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China: Guangzhou City, 92% Electrified For Public Transportation

Electrified For Public Transportation

With the growth of Electric Vehicles (EVs) market all over the world, many people are attracted to EVs for its quiet, high speed and eco-friendly features. We can see there are a lot of manufacturers and Start-ups bringing up the various EVs according to the consumer needs. There has been a lot of innovation happening in the EV market. The cost of maintaining the EVS is less when compared to other conventional vehicles. Guangzhou City, 92% Electrified For Public Transportation in China.

China is the most populous country which ranks top in the population list.  As the population is more, more travelling takes place, more use of public transportations such as buses.

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Public Transportation is an important aspect that every city haves, its the basic necessity for every individual who doesn’t have their own vehicle or some don’t want to travel by their own vehicle. Many people travel to their destinations from one place to another using public transport. It is the everyday need for the people who work, study etc.

China’s most populous city, Guangzhou, is been 92% electrified for public transportation. Over 10,000 all-electric buses carry 6 million people a day in Guangzhou. There are nearly 7,000 charging points to charge the public transport buses.

Each battery-powered bus costs about 1.8 million yuan, US$ 266,000, 1,89,30,555.00 Indian Rupee. Though the electrified buses cost heavily it saves fuel and reduces CO2 emissions. Guangzhou is going ahead of all the other big cities in the world.

In all electrification list, London is planning to go all-electric by the year 2030, New York is aiming to electrify city buses by 2040.

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