April 20, 2024

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Kinetic soon to develop powertrain for 2,3 & 4 wheelers EVs

Kinetic soon to develop powertrain

Kinetic Engineering Ltd is planning to soon develop axles and gearboxes for electric vehicles (EVs) to push the EV adoption in India. It manufactures power train solutions for 2, 3 and 4 wheeler electric vehicles including axles, gearboxes, motors, and controllers. It will also manufacture a complete retrofit kit for converting an IC engine driven wheeler to an electric 3 wheeler.

Kinetic soon to develop powertrain for 2,3 & 4 wheelers EVs

According to the press release, the Kinetic will make use its strong knowledge, vast manufacturing experience, and vertically integrated in-house capabilities to provide high-quality systems and components to its EV customers. The company will soon be initiating the development of axles and gearboxes for the EV market.

Kinetic soon to develop powertrain, Managing Director of KEL says 

Speaking about this development, Mr. Ajinkya Firodia, the Managing Director of KEL said, “In the automotive world, electro mobility is gaining massive acceptance as it eliminates emissions which is one of the major reason for climate change and reduces the use of fossil fuels thereby protecting the environment,”

“We see this initiative of-KEL as contributing to our government’s mission of promoting EVs as a part of controlling air pollution and providing a cleaner, greener environment. It is a futuristic step for our automotive industry and also backs the “Make in India” initiative. KEL expects to service around 400,000 units across 3 wheelers, 2 wheeler, and mini 4 wheel applications by the year 2025, having a business potential of more than INR 200 crores.”

About Kinetic Engineering Ltd

Kinetic Engineering Ltd is a Pune based company which is in the industry for over four decades, has been a pioneer in the automotive industry.

The company’s facility is in Ahmednagar and is spread over 70 acres and has over 800 employees, 32 manufacturing sheds and more than 400 machines. The company manufactures about 75 different auto components.

Press Release KEL press release-compressed



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