June 23, 2024

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Jaguar E type-Vintage Electric Car

Jaguar E type

Jaguar is introducing an upgrade to the old Jaguar E Type for an electric powertrain performance. A cleverly designed battery pack and electric motor weigh to maintain the drive performance accurate along with the added speed upgrades.

Jaguar E type

History of Jaguar E Type

It wags began in 1963, continued in 2015. Yes, “Speical FT” is the project named in 1963 to design 18 cars. However, in 1964 only 12 cars are designed. 50 years later, Jaguar came up with another project The Missing Six.

Jaguar E type

Recreating a Classic

The new electric cars are lightweight E-type. The six new Lightweight E-type cars would be a labor of love, which will replicate the performance of the original 12, produced in 1964.

High performance lightweight straight six engine using in the car.

Jaguar E type
Jaguar E type side view

Six lucky customers

The six chosen customers each became the owners of the rarest electric cars on the earth. Hope you can be the one.

Jaguar E type
Jaguar E type back view

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