April 20, 2024

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Interview-Okaya Leading Battery manufacturer-Techno Commercial Engineer

Interview-Okaya Leading Battery

Interview-Okaya is a leading battery manufacturing industry which produces a different range of batteries which is suitable for any applications.

The various batteries are Tubular Battery- Inverter Battery and Solar Battery, SMF Battery, and E-Rickshaw Battery.

Interview-Okaya Leading Battery manufacturer

The batteries, automated plants are made eco-friendly which is certified by ISO and can be completely recycled reducing the wastage and contributing towards the environment.
The products available in Okaya are in best quality, with the latest technology used.

South India’s largest renewable energy RenewX Expo 2019 organized by the UBM (India’s leading organizer) on 26th and 27th April.

Okaya Power Ltd, Techno Commercial Engineer Dheeraj Joshi, says 

“Okaya power Ltd is in making into Lithium iron phosphate is much greater than the Li-ion when compared, there is a chemistry difference in both,”

“As chemistry in the Li-ion is Nickle-Manganese but we are dealing with the lithium ferro phosphate. The difference between them is that of life cycles.”


“In Li-Ion, there will be only 1500 but if you see in the Lithium Ferro lifecycle is more about 2500 up to 95% is a major concern.”

“We are manufacturing the in-house BMS in Delhi-based manufacturing plant and we have already supplied more than 2 lakhs batteries in Govt nodal agency department. In the remote areas of Jharkhand and Odisha.”

Lithium-Ion manufacturers are everywhere in India in now, so the competition is high right now how can you manage?

Our batteries are govt approved and we are the only company whose cells and batteries are govt approved. Our products are approved by NABL, CPRI, etc. 

Can we use this lithium Ferro phosphate batteries in e-bikes, e-rickshaws, etc?

It is used in e-bikes, e-rickshaws and also can be used in electric tricycles also. We are also coming up with the charger and charger technology with this.

For more information please watch this complete interview with Okaya Power Ltd, Techno Commercial Engineer Dheeraj Joshi. 

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