June 14, 2024

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India Business Guide to EV adoption

India Business Guide to EV adoption

Press Release: Madrid: The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) yesterday launched the “India Business Guide to EV Adoption” along with the Government of India. Some of the big wings from the industry came together to discuss India’s transition to sustainable mobility at the India Pavilion at COP 25 in Madrid.


India Business Guide to EV adoption

Since 2018, under its REmobility work stream, WBCSD has been working with India’s EV value chain. The collaboration captures the attention of most of the prominent companies from the EV supply ecosystem. The India Business Guide to EV Adoption is an informative product of this collaboration.

The guide presents all the practical experiences and expertise in EV fleet transition from a wide range of voices. It identifies three of the most viable use-cases for business and fleet EV adoption in India: employee transport, platform-based ride-hailing and last-mile urban freight and deliveries.

It serves as a comprehensive guide for procurement managers, fleet managers and sustainability teams interested in EV adoption.

India Business Guide to EV adoption
India Business Guide to EV adoption


India is one of the significant sources of carbon emissions and it is home for the 22 of the world’s most polluted cities and road transport. Replacing ICE vehicles with electric vehicles in a country like India will surely show significant impact on global decarbonization efforts. Accelerating EV adoption in India between 2020-2030 is critical in order to succeed in achieving that ahead of demographic growth.

India is currently investing in public transport and infrastructure, whereas urban mobility has become a major challenge in Indian cities. Business will play a crucial role in transforming India’s urban mobility – both as manufacturers as well as fleet owners and operators.

As Indian car ownership expected to grow by 775% over the next two decades, the paths are clear regarding business case for adopting EVs. Also, with declining technology costs, it is the right time for businesses to drive the transition further.


In this way, the India Business Guide for EV Adoption is undoubtedly a crucial step in integrating the knowledge on the best ways for companies to switch to electric mobility today.


Source: Wbcsd

PDF of the publication: WBCSD_India_Business_Guide_to_EV_Adoption.pdf


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