June 15, 2024

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In the EV market, Honda is all set to make its mark

In the EV market, Honda is all set to make its mark

European debut of Honda’s 2W EV: the EM1 e


Honda, which continues to succeed with internal-combustion-powered two-wheelers and generates the majority of its sales, is now poised to enter the electric vehicle arena. Honda has already announced its entry into the electric vehicle space and outlined plans to launch at least 10 E-scooters worldwide by 2025.


And now their first e-child is poised to enter the EV realm when it is unveiled at EICMA 2022. Honda has announced the all-electric e-scooter EM1 e as its first step into EVs. The EV is scheduled to appear on sale next year and will be the first Japanese brand e-scooter launched on the European market. This is part of the company’s efforts to enter the electric motorcycle field. As they said, this is just the beginning and there will be more to come in the future.




The scooter’s name indicates that it is an electric moped, but it does not have any pedals. The company has chosen a minimalistic yet attractive design language for the scooter. Rather than force things differently, Honda opted for a purposeful, futuristic design. 

As mentioned earlier, EM1 is an abbreviation for Electric Moped and e: The suffix indicates Honda Mobile Power Pack (MPP). The MPP platform includes a removable battery pack and battery exchange station. This will serve as the core infrastructure for Honda’s future electric motorcycles. Honda focuses on small battery packs for entry-level EVs. These are easy to use and offer plenty of range for your daily commute or sprints around town. 



This Honda EM1 e: e-scooter has a compact and trendy design. Electric scooters are specifically intended for a younger audience. The scooter features curved body parts with smooth edges to ensure a classy look. There are absolutely no radical or flashy design elements in this scooter, so it’s made for a purpose. Key features include apron-mounted LED headlights, a sleek instrument panel, and circular rearview mirrors.



The Honda EM1 e: electric scooter features flat floorboards, front, and under-seat storage, as well as a dedicated rear luggage rack. Electric scooters can carry quite a bit of luggage. The integrated seat looks comfortable, and the side panels have fold-down footpads. The battery is located under the seat and is removable. The bottom panel is quite thick and probably houses the battery management system and other related components.

The electric scooter has a 40km range. This number may seem low, but it’s intentionally kept there to reduce battery costs. Additionally, Honda plans to expand its battery-swapping infrastructure to address range concerns.

It is powered by a hub motor. In regards to the motor and battery capacity, there is no information available at this time.





A Honda Mobile Power Pack is a portable power supply developed with quality, reliability, and durability in mind. Tested under various conditions such as humidity, temperature changes, shock, and vibration. In addition to exchange stations, users can recharge their batteries from home.

The hardware list is pretty basic, including telescoping front forks and dual rear shocks. Details have yet to be officially announced, but here’s the Honda EM1 e: The electric scooter seems to use a 12-inch front wheel and a 10-inch rear wheel.

It has been confirmed that the e-scooter will be launched in Europe, but it is unclear when it will be released in India. Honda previously said its first electric motorcycle for India would be an electric moped with a top speed of around 50km/h. The release is scheduled for April 2023. High-speed e-scooters will also be launched in India later. 



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