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In 2023: Suzuki unveils its e-Burgman and hydrogen-powered Burgman

In 2023: Suzuki unveils its e-Burgman and hydrogen-powered Burgman

The Burgman 400 ABS concept features a hydrogen engine and a 70 MPa hydrogen tank

Many Japanese automakers are participating in the Japan Mobility Show 2023, and not only are they showcasing new models, but they are also showcasing future technologies as well. There has been a great deal of attention paid to Suzuki’s vehicle lineup this year at the Japan Auto Show, but there has also been plenty of buzz about some exciting two-wheelers from the company with alternative engines, namely the e-Burgman and Burgman Hydrogen, one of which could soon make its way to India.


A version of the popular Suzuki 125 cc scooter sold in India and other markets called the Suzuki e-Burgman is a battery-powered version of the scooter. As much as the e-Burgman has been spotted several times testing in India, it was only earlier this year that it made its global debut. The e-Burgman has been announced previously by Suzuki as receiving an interchangeable battery from Gachaco – a consortium formed by Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Kawasaki, four major Japanese two-wheeler brands. Suzuki aims to collect essential data about the everyday usability of the Suzuki e-Burgman through the demonstration of the vehicle.



As mentioned previously, the Suzuki e-Burgman will be powered by a 4-kW (5.3 bhp) AC-synchronous motor which is capable of producing 18 Nm of peak torque at peak power. During a single charge of the battery pack, the battery pack will provide a range of 44 kilometers. As it stands right now, the e-Burgman is most likely to first go on sale in international markets before making its way to India shortly as the electric market in the country has already established itself.



At the Japan Auto Show, Suzuki not only showcased the e-Burgman but also displayed the Burgman Hydrogen as well. Burgman Hydrogen is nothing more than a modified version of the commercially available Burgman 400 ABS, which has been fitted with a hydrogen tank of 70 MPa as well as the hydrogen engine of the Burgman Hydrogen. It is the company’s initiative to demonstrate its capability to build hydrogen engines and the Burgman hydrogen is a test bed that will demonstrate Burgman’s capabilities for hydrogen engines. A multi-pathway initiative has been developed by the brand to achieve carbon neutrality as part of its multi-pathway strategy to become carbon neutral.





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