April 12, 2024

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2023 Japan Mobility Show Debut for Honda CI-MEV

2023 Japan Mobility Show Debut for Honda CI-MEV

Japan Mobility Show 2023 saw Honda debut the CI-MEV electric microcar


At the Japan Mobility Show 2023, Honda Cars displayed the microcar CI-MEV, an electric vehicle that is part of the Honda Cars portfolio. There is no doubt that the microcar CI-MEV is a first of its kind as it is the first 2-seater EV with level-4 accident prevention assist systems. It is also possible to purchase the Honda CI-MEV on three wheels if you prefer that configuration. During the Japan Mobility Show, the Japanese automaker showcased many different models, but this is the model that was most eagerly awaited. In addition to launching a two-door electric coupe, Honda also unveiled a concept car, called the Prelude Concept, at the event.



The Honda CI-MEV is similar in look to one of the Honda Comet electric vehicles launched by MG Motor this year in India, which is similar to the look of the Honda Comet electric vehicle. The Comet EV, however, differs from the CI-MEV microcar in the sense that it is bigger and has four seats in comparison to the Comet EV which has only two. CI-MEV, a two-seater microcar, is equipped with six wide-angle cameras that provide a 360-degree view of the road. The front and rear A-pillars are equipped with one camera, and the lower part of the door mirrors are equipped with the other camera. These two cameras are mounted inside the doors. With the help of the microcar’s cameras, you can get a 360-degree view of the surrounding area, giving you a complete overview. The camera enables drivers to have a more accurate view of bicycles, pedestrians, and other vehicles on the road with the help of the camera.



Honda Cars suggests that the microcar is better than a regular car since it has a small turning radius, which makes it easier to drive in crowded areas, and it has level-4 ADAS technology, which Honda says makes it better than a regular car. The CI-MEV features the company’s original Cooperative Intelligence (CI) and autonomous driving technology as well as the company’s original two-seater design. A microcar like this is being built as a demonstration automobile for the development of electric mobility in automobiles. A self-driving minicar will be called to a passenger’s current location by the passenger and the passenger will be able to dictate their destination to the minicar.

Under the hood, the Honda CI-MEV is equipped with 4 removable batteries called the Honda Mobile Power Pack. The Honda CI-MEV’s batteries do not depend on oil because they can be charged with green electricity.




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