August 05, 2021

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Hyderabad Startup Cellestial E-Mobility unveiled its 1st electric tractor 

Hyderabad Startup Cellestial E-Mobility

Hyderabad Startup Cellestial E-Mobility

unveiled its 1st electric tractor 

A Hyderabad based startup Cellestial E-Mobility has unveiled its first electric tractor. The startup is planning to raise around USD 6-8 million. Let us see in detail about the Hyderabad Startup Cellestial E-Mobility first electric tractor. 

During the unveiling of this electric tractor prototype, the company Co-Founder Siddhartha Durairajan said that this electric tractor is developed to be zero-emission environment-friendly tractors. It will be used for the horticultural, Greenhouse works, moving goods within factories, warehouses and to haul the baggage in airports.

Hyderabad Startup Cellestial E-Mobility

The Cellestial E-Mobility began its operations in May 2019 and has raised a round of investment of USD 2,00,000 funding from Singapore-based Angel Investor.

“This is the first working prototype. The working prototype is ready for going into the production model. We can get the production model rolled out in the next three-six months. We are targetting to build 8,000 tractors in the next 36 months. We are trying to price it sub-below Rs 5 lakh,” Siddhartha said.

The electric tractor is powered with some advanced features such as regenerative braking, battery swapping, power inversion (tractor is used to power the UPS), charging from residential AC outlet and fast charging which will help the Indian agriculture and goods carriage market.

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It will be a 6HP electric tractor (equivalent to 21HP diesel tractor). On a single charge, the tractor can provide a range up to 75kms with the max power of 18 HP and 53 Nm peak torque with the top speed of up to 20 kmph. It takes 6 hours to charge this electric tractor with a home charger using any conventional single-phase 16 Amps outlet and with an industrial infrastructure setup it can be charged fast in two hours said Syed Mubasheer Ali, co-founder & partner, Cellestial E-Mobility.

If we look at its running cost, the conventional 21HP diesel tractor running cost is around Rs 150 per hour whereas the Cellestial E-Mobility Tractor it will be around Rs. 20-35 per hour. So this will save you a lot from the running costs. The company is planning to build 8,000 tractors in the next 36 months and will increase its production capacity in Balanagar Industrial area to fulfil the demands of the electric tractors.

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