July 18, 2024

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Hyderabad Engineers Electric Vehicles Succes Story-KWE Motors

Hyderabad Engineers Electric Vehicles Succes Story-KWE Motors

Noise and pollution irritate two young engineers in Hyderabad, which tends them to save nature with electric vehicles. They Want to create employment and never thinks about a job after their graduation. The pollution levels in the city increased, to control the air and sound pollution two young engineers start manufacturing electric autos and cycles.


Indian Engineers Electric Vehicles Story

Raja and Harsha are two engineers from Hyderabad shared their experience  “There are no charging stations facilities available in Hyderabad. In INDIA We started our EVs business in 2015, So we targetted the e-commerce website like the big basket, Amazon, and Flipkart and convince them to start using our electric autos for delivering goods”.

Even Hyderabad municipalities using our electric vehicles for garbage shifting. Until now we sold almost 800 electric vehicles to some of the top e-commerce companies. We also realize that there is a possibility for an electric two-wheeler for delivering goods.

electric vehicles hyderabad

Earlier to electric vehicles, our team is a part of CNG vehicles too, we exported almost 5000 vehicles to all around the world. Our future aim is to collaborate with city shopping malls for swapping batteries in just 2 minutes.

Tirupathi as Electric Vehicles Hub

The initial stage of EVs testing will be started in Tirupati. Slowly we will expand our business all over the country. Under the name of Gati motors company name, Lithium-Ion battery made electric autos are manufactured and export to countries all over the world. Not only passenger autos but also DCR and trolley autos are also manufactured.

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Specifications of Electric Vehicles

  • With a single charge able to travel a distance of 110KM.
  • The cost per 1 kilometer is 35 paise which is cheaper than the diesel vehicle which costs around 3 Rupees per km.
  • Charging time of 3Hours.

electric vehicles hyderabad


Price of Indian Electric Autos-Gati motors

The price is around RS.2,00,000 in India.

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