May 17, 2024

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Hero Launched Lectro EHX20 E-Cycle in India

Hero Launched Lectro EHX20 Electric Cycle

Hero Cycles has Launched Lectro EHX20 E-Cycle in India. The Hero Cycles has joined hands with Yamaha’s Smart Power Vehicle Business Unit in Japan to manufacture the E-cycle in India.

Hero Launched Lectro EHX20 Electric Cycle in India


The electric bicycle is equipped with a detachable battery and a mid-mounted motor, which are provided by Yamaha. The company claims that the battery weighs less than 2kg and can be charged in just 3 to 5 hours. The Lectro EHX20 has a claimed range of 80km. Its Top speed is 25km/hour and it requires no license and registration.

Hero Launched Lectro EHX20 Electric Cycle
Hero Launched Lectro EHX20 Electric Cycle in India


Hero’s flagship electric bicycle, the EHX20, comes with a digital display, which displays useful rider information such as range, battery percentage and different modes of the cycle. In terms of cycle parts, the two wheels gets hydraulic disc brakes and a hydraulic suspension setup at the front wheel.



Lectro EHX20 is a high-performance e-cycle.  It is specially prepared for the adventure cyclists. Lectro EHX20 comes with cutting-edge Yamaha’s motor technology and Hero Lectro’s design marvel. It is equipped with a Center Motor which is positioned directly between the pedals. This positioning and technology help to improve performance of the cycle and makes it suitable for adventure sports and steep incline riding. The motor was imported from Yamaha’s electric drive unit whereas the E-Cycle was manufactured at Hero Cycles’ Ghaziabad unit.



The Hero Lectro EHX20  E-cycle is powered by a triple sensor technology of torque sensor, speed sensor and crank sensor and the it gives a sharp pedaling assist and improved power support at higher cadence.



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