July 18, 2024

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It’s been almost 20 months since the announcement of FAME 2 by the government, but there is no implementation yet. The phase -1 of FAME scheme implemented in April 2015 to promote the use and manufacturing of hybrid and electric vehicles.

Modi Government extended the FAME-1 scheme four times. Recently in September, they extended the scheme
for another 6 months. The Government motto is to promote electric vehicles mobility to shape India as a pollutionless country. However, delaying the scheme for two years shows the skepticalness of government.

When will be FAME 2?

The next announcement about Fame II will be in March. But, there is no idea whether the Modi government further extends or implement FAME II. If they extend the scheme for another 6 months then that is going to impact many EVs startup companies in India because the new companies need some support from the government. In India, Out of 100 vehicles, only 1 is an electric vehicle till now.

Automobile industries like Mahindra, Tata Motors already started their journey in EVs and they didn’t expect much subsidies from the government because they are big players in the automobile industry. But the newcomers in the EV industry needs some support to make their step in the Automobile industry. The only good part about FAME-1 is central government increases the budget from 100 crores to 895 crores.

The prime minister of India announced in MOVE summit that India will be the driver of electric vehicles, but the drivers are ready where the charging stations are still in setup. The EV driver needs some initial support from the central government to start their journey with excitement. FAME II is the push to EV manufacturers and consumers for a green ride where the implementation is still unclear. We need to wait for another 4 months for a meaningful update.

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