April 11, 2024

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Gogoro unveiled its new electric ultralight smart scooter ‘Viva’

Gogoro electric ultralight smart scooter 'Viva'

Gogoro, a Taiwan based electric vehicles manufacturer has unveiled its all new electric scooter ‘Viva which is ultralight smart and its appearance is looks totally different as it is painted with vibrant paint scheme and have a slim front-end look.

Gogoro unveiled its new electric ultralight smart scooter ‘Viva’

The ultra light and smart scooters not only have the vibrant look but also have some modern features that compliments the electric powertrain. It is best suitable for city commutes easily.

Gogoro electric ultralight smart scooter 'Viva'

Talking about it features includes LED lights at both ends and a small digital instrument cluster. It has a seat height of just 740mm it is trouble free for novice riders with shorter frames. It has the weight of 80 kg. It has a 10 inch right wheel size. Its slimmer size helps you to park in the congested areas too and can escape you from heavy traffics.

Gogoro electric ultralight smart scooter ‘Viva’

It has vibrant colors and endless accessories such 21.6 liters of storage space. It uses the battery swap technology that helps you swap your battery easily in minutes. It has the iQ system smart key card to unlock the vehicle. It has exclusive Polypropylene Shield Application Technology which saves your electric scooter from ugly scuffs and scratches.

The scooter has the dual hydraulic disc brakes that stop on a dime with brakes that define the standard of high quality. It uses the synchronized braking system that gives you control when we need it the most.

Gogoro electric ultralight smart scooter 'Viva'

The electric scooter is equipped with a hub motor of 3kW and claims to offer a range of 85 km with a top speed of 80kmph.

It has a dedicated app for the vehicle and the company is providing 2 years of warranty on motor and professional vehicle maintenance is also provided by the company for free of cost at the Gogoro service centers.

The company has a huge number of charging network in Taiwan which includes 1400 battery stations. The companies want to bring in affordable and excellent features in India but they are not sure if the price is suitable to most users in India. 

Gogoro electric ultralight smart scooter ‘Viva’ in 5 colors

The electric scooter comes in five vibrant colors such as Pomegranate red, Lime Grey, Wasabi yellow, Mint blue, Sea salt white This electric scooter will cost you around $2,000 (Rs.1.41 lakh).

Gogoro electric ultralight smart scooter 'Viva'

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