June 15, 2024

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Gogoro and eMOVING have collaborated to develop the EZ-R electric scooter

Gogoro and eMOVING have collaborated to develop the EZ-R electric scooter

The Gogoro ecosystem continues to grow thanks to SwapAndGo battery-swapping


As part of its commitment to the Powered by Gogoro Network (PBGN) alliance led by Gogoro in November 2020, eMoving, an electric motorcycle brand associated with China Automobile, announced that it would adopt a parallel strategy for charging and battery swapping. Later, eMoving will announce a green license light motorcycle grade called EZ1; on August 15, 2023, the brand will launch the first PBGN white-label electric motorcycle with a heavy-duty powertrain, known as the EZ-R.

The EZ-R was developed in collaboration with the company’s partner eMOVING and Gogoro recently announced it on its social media platforms.

The new EZ-R power system is equipped with a newly developed motor and two batteries, delivering maximum power of 7.2 horsepower and a maximum torque of 28 Nm in its class. It is equipped with high-strength carbon fiber belts from international manufacturer Gates and takes just 3.7 seconds to go from a standstill to km/h. , energy efficiency reaches 1-kilowatt hour and 23.8 km, targeting the highly competitive electric motorcycle market.

To reduce fatigue when traveling long distances for vehicle owners, all vehicle models are equipped with a standard smart cruise control system. The car owner can press the cruise control button at speeds from 10 km/h to 80 km/h to keep the car moving stably. During the speed control period, they can also activate the accelerator pedal to accelerate at any time.

The EZ-R breaks previous stereotypes about electric motorbikes. The entire vehicle stands out with its sharp lines and is equipped with D-type split binocular headlights and automotive block tail lights. It is also available in Emerald Green (ABS version only), Obsidian Black, and Titanium. There are 3 color options including yellow and white.

It also features the largest cabin volume in its class, with 27.4 liters, along with hooks and USB charging ports (ABS models).

There are two versions of the EZ-R available, CBS and ABS. In the case of the CBS model, the price is 99,900 yuan, while the price for the ABS model is 104,900 yuan. There is a price difference of only 5,000 yuan between the two vehicles, and you are able to add KEYLESS IC cards, ABS, and TCS anti-lock braking systems for future expansion. With this information in hand, the company hopes to sell 2,000 units this year.

In the month prior to the launch of EZ-R, the company held consumer experience activities in a variety of stores throughout Taiwan, which accumulated over a month of road driving tests and consumer test rides, and the company received high praise from both dealers and consumers alike.


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