July 13, 2024

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GLM G4 Electric Super Car Full Specifications- Electric Vehicles

electric super car

Glm G4 is the latest electric car launched by automaker Kyoto, Japan. Glm is a race car maker recently entered into electric vehicles after knowing the future demand for EVs.The Glm G4  electric super car is an exotic supercar.

electric super car

GLM-G4 Electric Super Car features

  • Comfortable for 4 seating.
  • Electric powertrain with lightweight materials
  • Luxurious feel while driving.
  • Multi-Stage transmission

electric super car

Specifications of GLM-G4  Super Electric Car

0-100KM/H in just 3.7 seconds
Power of 400 kW
The torque of 1000 Nm
Top speed of 250 km/h
The maximum range of 400 km

electric super car

GLM-G4 Super Electric Car price

The Price of GLM G4 electric car is $224,000.

electric super car

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