June 23, 2024

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Future of Electric Vehicles in India at 2030

Indian government announced in 2017 that the future automobile industry be moving to an all electric by 2030 ,many car manufacturers were surprised by this decision, they believe that it’s a great opportunity to excel in future,Tata motors already a step further with its latest electric car Tigor ev.

Electric vehicles are in the market but just in some countries on the planet.These vehicles are Plug-in Hybrids (PHEVs), that is, you can charge the Ev at night and go as much as 200 miles the next day without the need for a drop of fuel.
These EVs really have an exciting future and here are few reasons to prove that:


Cutting down carbon pollution and oil dependency

Electric Vehicles have gained more importance because the world is looking for a way to decrease oil dependency and carbon pollution which is dangerous to the climate change.Electric Power Research Institute and NRDC studied that by 2050, the use of electric cars can cut down the pollution of carbon by 550 million metric tons yearly, the same as 100 million passenger cars discharge. It also would decrease other dangerous pollution.

Battery costs are dropping faster

Battery price is plummeting fast than what many professionals predicted. Automakers, scientists, and industry experts agreed that the battery costs will under Rs.9000($150)  per kilowatt-hour in the next few years. At this point, experts predicted that EVs will enter the market fully.
Bloomberg evaluates that by 2022, electric cars will probably be cost competitive on a lifespan basis (acquisition and fuel costs) with fuel cars.

More of charging stations

Lack of charging stations as always been an obstacle to wider use of electric cars.Steps had been taken to increase the number of charging stations at transit stations,apartment, campuses, workplaces, complexes, and other gathering places where people gather.

Companies like Coca-Cola, Walgreens, and Google, are setting up charging stations.Also, one day, electric cars might be able to recharge while driving on the road, getting wireless power from plates put in on the highway and will enable it to drive thousands of miles without plugging it.

Friendly Price and longer-range

Affordable, longer-range electric cars that work only with electricity and can travel 200 miles with a charge, will soon be available.Also, plug-in hybrids, which can operate efficiently on either petrol or electricity are getting better.


The future is EVs:

Car manufacturers are investing huge amounts of dollars to take more electric vehicle models. The variety of Electric Vehicles models have grown tremendously and it is sure to take over the market in the next decade.With low oil costs, the future for electric cars is exciting and bright.

Longer-range models, dropping battery prices, plus much more charging stations are increasing the sale of electric cars. Also, with the auto companies spending a huge amount of dollars to meet the heavy pollution standards worldwide, the oil industry should be worried.

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