February 26, 2024

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Fisker teased its off-road Ocean Electric SUV

Fisker teased its off-road Ocean

Fisker teased its off-road

Ocean Electric SUV

Fisker Inc. an American electric vehicle manufacturer has teased its new concept electric off-roader Fisker Ocean SUV. The company had planned to unveil the electric SUV at Geneva Motor the event got cancelled due to the outbreak of coronavirus. The Fisker Ocean will make a way into the international markets including India in 2022. So let us read more about Fisker teased its off-road Ocean electric SUV.

Fisker teased its off-road Ocean

Fisker teased its off-road Ocean

The Ocean is still in the concept stage and the sketch of it was recently shared by the Fisker founder Henrik Fisker on Twitter. We can read in a Twitt that he mentioned there is a special place for the spare tyre on the vehicle which will be revealed next week.

Further, he wrote “Takes too much space in the trunk & wouldn’t fit in a frunk! I’ll show it next week” That it means it is not the trunk or the funk. It might be on the roo or underpinned below the vehicle.

It was Unveiled at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January. The eco-friendly features vegan and recycled materials inside and they are also having in-built solar panels in the roof. 

The company did not gave any specifications yet but we can expect that it will get two motors and is powered by an 80kilowatt-hour battery which allows them to travel up to 480 kilometres on a single charge. 

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It will target mainly to the NGOs and militaries as their potential customers. The company is still working on its design and this is not the final look of the car. It is basically developed for hardcore customers.

It will compete with Tesla’s Model 3 with a price of around $37,000 (around Rs. 28 lakh). The company will also offer it under the lease. 

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