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‘EVOracle’ EV Consulting Firm-Interview

'EVOracle' EV Consulting Firm

‘EVOracle’ EV Consulting Firm-is a Delhi NCR based consulting firm specializing in Energy, Education, and Entrepreneurship. They provide Electric Vehicle Infrastructure, sourcing services, capacity development, Start-up assistance, Industrial Consultancy guidance.  

‘EVOracle’ EV Consulting Firm

The consultants of the organization have a great experience in Energy sectors from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

As India is looking forward to a pollution-free environment by bringing in the electric vehicles in the country.

With a similar aim, the firm is looking to decarbonize in transportation systems. Since electric vehicles are the new segment growing in the Indian markets the EV consulting firm finds its way to help out the segment like EV companies, Start-ups, etc.

‘EVOracle’EV Consulting Firm Aims

The firm aim to focus on mobility 4.0 and on e-mobility sector. They offer the services to develop the innovative business models, solutions, technology guidance, sourcing the services and capacity enhancement services for the complete e-mobility value chain.

The company provides the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure guidance in conductive charging, battery swapping, inductive charging, route electrification, fleet management, etc. 

The company CEO 

Dr. Parag Diwan is a noted energy professional and an established ‘Eduprenuer’ who has built some of the finest Institutions. Currently, he runs his own consulting firm which helps institutions, energy companies, and entrepreneurs.

The EV Start-ups which are coming up in the market are competing with the other big players such as Tata and Mahindra When asked the CEO of the company about the EV Start-ups survival in the country. 

Do you think EV start-ups can survive in Indian markets?

At the end of the day survival of an EV startup like any other depends on the touch point of the industry value chain is chosen, how strongly there is current or future need of the product or service offered.

In addition to this as of the policy regarding the EV, the sector is not fully firmed up so there are shifting goalposts that need to be kept in mind. However, this sector has great potential and well-thought startups would certainly have first mover advantage. 

However, if an EV company started with the well-researched manner it will reach to its success level. 

What are the necessary researches & development steps must be taken before starting an EV company?

The ideation process must include a deep market and feasibility study with a proper forecast of demand product or service intended.

In the case of product startup, the prototype should be developed and customer feedback on it must be sought. In case of a service startup, initial customer traction is also an important part of a preparatory step.

When starting up any business, individuals must have an efficient amount of money, as the EV components are more expensive than the IC engine vehicles. The start-ups will require the funds. 

How to raise funds for starting an EV company?

First of all, a fund contributed by F&F (Friends and family) need to raise as initial seed money. Subsequent to that once the idea takes more shape on can raise angel fund up to 0.5-1.0 crores from various angel networks.

If the startup has a minimal viable product (MVP) or considerable customer traction it can pitch to VC’s (Venture Capitalists) for the first round of funding.

Is battery swapping is the future of EV charging infrastructure?

It certainly is for certain segment of EVs specifically for public transportation. The 3 wheelers and intra-city buses would definitely prefer battery swapping solution. It can also permeate to 2 wheelers if convenient battery dispenses live cola dispensers can be evolved.

How do I start EV charging station business, is there any scope at present and future?

Certainly, this is one of the most critical areas of EV ecosystem. To begin with you need to select a town or a locality in a mega polis where there is likely hood of early adoption of EVs whether Public or private. Then once should carry out a GIS survey regarding high traffic density points to place the charging paraphernalia. Than a model based on aggregation system with is app enabled need to be developed.


Are EVs polluting (by generating electricity) the environment more than the IC vehicles?

Depends on how is the power used to charge batteries is produced, if the power is sourced through green grids or locally generated using renewable resources, than it is certainly less polluting.

EV relies on natural gas, coal and nuclear energy which are also fossil fuels, comment.

They Per Se do not rely on these fossil fuels, however if the charging is done using power produced by these sources than only it relies on them.

The best source to produce electricity for EVs and their possibilities in India.

Solar and Hydel energy are best renewable sources of power to charge EVs.

Cost of EVs is higher than compared to IC vehicles becoming a reason for the consumer to Opt for IC vehicles rather than an EV.

Yes initial cost is higher mainly because the cost of batteries, but if we look into TCO (Total cost of ownership) which includes running and maintenance costs as well EVs prove to be cheaper.

How many companies or startups you have helped or guided and in what terms (areas, Fields).

Several, largely in areas of Charging Infrastructure, Charger manufacturing, Battery manufacturing and EV retrofitting.

 Do you really think FAME II scheme is going into public, who are actually benefited with this scheme?

Yes it percolates to public at large as it is funding the Electric Buses in large cities for public transportation.

Why EVs sales are less in India, any suggestions to improve it?

Largely cost and also that the charging infrastructure is not adequately developed. One idea is that Government through its policies either enables private sector participation in to creation of charging infrastructure or through its public bodies help develops a minimum sustainable level of charging infrastructure without waiting for a minimum population of EVs.

Car costs will come down as scale starts developing for EV markets.

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